Sunday, June 04, 2006

the suka patch

as a source of food and relaxation, i (kimberly) have had a community garden plot that i share with a friend. elaine took the place of my former garden partner this year. she has posted a beautiful blog about our garden.

from it our "framily" (the four women involved in raisingdc) eat arugula, kyoto mizuno, red lettuce, and spinach daily. we get a weekly dose of swiss chard. tomatoes are on their way (yeehaw) as are zucchinis, sweet peppers, soy beans, green beans, sweet peas, etc.

the girls make a trip about once a week to the garden. it is an all organic garden and we are not supposed to waste water, so we have to carry all of our water from these big 20 gallon barrels. it gets really hot sometimes, but it is fun to get the food.

the first time i took the girls there, years ago, the totally wigged out about how i was touching dirt and there were bugs. they would scream and jump at everything. they are much more comfortable now, but no more interested.

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