Monday, September 24, 2007

collecting trash for KIPP

as you know raisingdc loves KIPP!!! so we have signed up, and hope you will to, to collect yogurt containers and soda bottles and ship them to terracycle. terracycle will give $.o5/soda bottle and $.05 or $.02 for yogurt containers depending on the size of the containers. when you sign up, just choose KIPP DC. just think if the colonial ward decided to do this, how much waste would be saved and how much cash could start flowing into this awesome school.

Program Statistics:

269 spots available

31 total participating locations

This program is only available in CT, DC, DE, MA, MD, ME, NC, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, VA, VT and WV

the bottle brigade is hurting:

The Bottle Brigade Needs Your Help to Survive!

The Bottle Brigade™ needs a sponsor and we need your help in finding one! The Bottle Brigade has been hugely successful. So successful, in fact, that our small start up company can barely support the costs and labor needs associated with running the program. Recently the Bottle Brigade reached an amazing 4,000 locations in a little less than a year and a half! We never imagined it would become so popular, so fast. We were doing really well until a change in shipping policies caused by rising gas prices and shipping companies switching to dimensional weight this year. The shipping of our boxes has tripled in cost and because of this we are forced to scale back.

The Bottle Brigade is designed to help teach children about the importance of saving the environment and conserving resources. More then half of our locations are primary schools and teaching these young kids to "reduce, reuse and rethink" is a vital mission of our program. However we simply cannot continue to grow this great program without financial support. With a sponsor we can continue to sign up locations. Sponsorship would help us clear out our waiting list of hundreds of locations. It could also help us to develop an entire recycling and reusing curriculum to send to participating schools!

So we need your help to save this program and allow it to reach its full potential! Here are just a few of the benefits of a sponsorship. The sponsor's name and logo will be on every one of the 10,000 plus boxes we send. The boxes are usually located in high traffic areas. In addition, the sponsor would be credited in every press release that it single-handedly helped save the Bottle Brigade program. This year to date TerraCycle has been mentioned in hundreds of articles (Audited Bureau of Circulation of over 66 million impressions). Most importantly a sponsor will know it's helping America's children save their future. If you are interested in the sponsorship or know someone who would be interested, please review our proposal and press release in the following links.

Word document detailing the sponsorship opportunity
(please be patient, this is a large file)

Sponsorship Press Release

Monday, September 17, 2007

a plea from bobbie

Dear friends,
We are having to take another trip to Washington,DC in October to convince the birth parents of our soon-to-be daughter to voluntarily sign papers.YIKES!! The great thing is that her birth sisters adoptive parents are going with us for the same thing. Some of you might remember Jason that used to be in our ward--he will be Jenn's birth sister's new big brother. Which will be awesome that both girls get to grow up in LDS homes 20 minutes from each other when they came from across the country! Anyway,what I am asking for is HUGE!! I need prayers that it will be as simple as us going to DC and them signing the papers. Pray that they will see that this is the best way to show love for their daughters. Some of you don't know the back story,but for those of you that do,you know this is what needs to happen. So please,pray with us.
Also,if anybody knows the cheapest way to fly across the country on 3 weeks notice---I'm open for suggestions! We have to get 4 people over there. Both of our families have already put out SO much money trying to make this happen. Especially for Jenn's sister's new family because they have had to travel back and forth several times between here and Utah (where she has been staying for complicated reasons) for the past year to bond with her. Not to mention adoption costs. So,if there's any brilliant ideas that could help us out,please let me know. I've already tried cheap tickets,etc but I'm looking for some deep airline secret that only few people know about,if such a thing is possible.Or if anybody is friends with somebody that owns their own plane,that would be cool too !! :)
But,of course,the prayers are the most important thing!
Thank you so much,Bobbie