Friday, June 02, 2006

the crush #1

kimberly has the biggest crush on my social studies teacher Mr.sheilds. She met him at my school when she came to pick me and my sister up to take us to the doctor. She claims that she thought he was cute and that she would soon get over it,but thats not what's been happening, well I mean the whole forgetting Mr.sheilds was cute and everything. After about three days of having a crush on Mr.sheilds she has been sending me off to school to drop hints about her and how cool she is. So far its been going preety well. I guess he already knows about her liking him, how do i know this you may ask well, i know this because every time i say you know that red head girl who came up to the school to pick me up he goes "yeah" and the I go "she runs triathlons, likes to stay healthy, likes to eat and guess what else she's won two medles for he age goup in the last triathlon she ran". then he goes ''cool'' and then smiles. when i come home to tell kimberly about my day the first thing that comes out of my mouth is Mr.sheilds likes you. After I tell her this she goes ''really'' then i go yeah and she goes ''hmmmmmm'' and i go i'll see what i can do to convince him to become mormon and maybe you'll get marry in the temple some day.


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