Tuesday, June 06, 2006

spirit week

This week is Spirit Week at the girls' school, KIPP DC: KEY Academy. It is also, not coincidentally, the last week of school. Yesterday, the girls' celebrated "crazy hat day." Unfortunately, we couldn't find any crazy hats in our house, so the girls wore scarves instead. Today (pictured) is "inside out day," when students can wear their school uniforms turned inside out. It is truly amazing how excited the girls are about this. It wouldn't surprise me if they've got their undies on inside out. And, to be totally thruthful, they did look awfully cute this morning (thus the photo op).

The only problem we ran into is that they had no place to put their bus tokens, since the pockets on their pants were on the inside of their clothes, and unreachable without serious effort. Jennifer, ever resourceful, kept one token (for the outbound journey) clutched in her palm and undid her pants to insert the return token into the pocket before leaving for school. I shudder to think about how, when, and where she's going to fish that out at the end of the day.

Also--and, again, perhaps not coincidentally--this was the first morning in a long, long while that the girls haven't been at each other's throats. (Turns out mornings aren't really our strong suit in this house.) I told the girls that every morning that they behave like this: (refer to picture of girls spontaneously hugging) we will post cute pictures of them on this blog. --Lindsay

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