Sunday, June 04, 2006

A day in the life of paulette

yesterday was one of the hardest working days i ever had. i went over to the bishops house to clean his back yard(pulling weeds). i worked really hard.(i'm not bragging). so anyway the bishop and i started talking about me going to Florida next Sunday. he asked me what i was going to do in Florida, and i told him i'm going to coco beach and he said "Paulette your going to call me on the phone and say (in a very annoying and whinning voice) bishop degn i'm having such a horrible time at coco beach the water's too blue and crisp can you please , please, please pick me up or send me a passport to catch a plane back to washington so i can go to church. then i go "do you really believe that i'm going to call you and say all those things", and he goes "yeah". (me thinking in my mind) not gonna happen. after that convo he starts another conversation about how he's the nicest guy he knows. he says this because he gave me bottled water. in the end we stopped talking about how nice he is and everything else.


Victor Degn said...

Believe me when I say that Bishop Degn is not the nicest man he knows. Obviously he forgot about his youner brother, no the other one.

Cat Degn said...

Nice? When is a Degn ever nice? ;)lol