Friday, June 09, 2006

Greetings from Durban South Africa.

it took me (kimberly) a really long time to get here (26 hours total). i flew from dca to atl and then flew for 8 hours until the plane stopped on the cape verde islands (sal island to be exact) to refuel. we were not allowed off the plane or really to even move around. SUPER ANNOYING!

i sat next to mike cobb who was a first round draft choice tight end who played for the chicago bears with william (the refrigerator) perry. he is about the same size as a (the) refrigerator. he was the biggest man i have ever seen in real life. needless to say it was a very tight squeeze in my government issued coach window seat for the next 9 hours. i told him about the girls. he wants to come see them the next time he is in DC. he also would like a word with shirley.

he told the male flight attendent that he was my bodyguard, after the attendent gaffed at my wanting yet another "couple of waters". needless to say, i was never short on water. and when i complained about not having a veg. meal...he made that happen too. thanks mike!

this is a map of the islands (see if you can find sal?)

this is my view out the window of the airport in sal island

now i am here in durban, za. i have a room at the 164 Boutique (my room is the"self catering" room on the left). if you click on it you can see inside my durban apartment.

i have been missing the girls, even though they are really being troublemakers lately (paulette is in trouble 10x's for jennifer's every 2). it is probably because they miss me so much (or not). i think they need passports so that someday we can show them the world.

(note to girls: if you are good and earn 4 stars a day until you go to florida, i will bring you peri peri and biltong)

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