Tuesday, June 06, 2006


today i (kimberly) tried to take the stool samples to the lab. we had tried on saturday, but they were closed...so lindsay was told from the woman sitting behing the desk. i was worried that the samples were too old (5 days for some) but figured we needed new collection containers anyway and we might as well just check.

i got to the office at 11:58am and the door was locked. the woman behind the desk yelled to me that they were closed until 1:pm. i hollered back that this was my second attempt to drop this stuff off and couldn't i just give it to her. "ONE O'CLOCK". she was rude and dismissive and sent me over the edge.

luckily my friend dianna later took it over. it was indeed to old, but we have new containers.

after school, the girls went with paulette's mentor (amy, see link to leonard's blog) to a play at the kennedy center that one of paulette's friends was in (deanna).

this next stool sample, they are taking care of the whole mess themselves.

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