Thursday, June 29, 2006

the fRamily vacation (installment 1)

so we are preparing for our first fRamily (when friends become family = fRamily) vacation. we are flying to boston (sweet deal on airfare) renting a minivan and then driving up to maine to do some fun outdoor activities in acadia national park ... or somewhere near there. we hope to sea kayak, bike, whale watch, and play uno. we will then return to boston to hang out with some fRamily friends at harvard, and hopefully instill a powerful desire in the girls to seek after learning. while we are there we will swim in walden pond, see the alcott house, check out some of the revolutionary sites, and eat really great sandwiches.

this trip is as on the cheap as we can we are camping (hence the minivan) at acadia national park.

paulette is at our church girls' camp right now. she gets back on saturday. we pack and then leave on monday afternoon.

if you have any suggestions for places to stay, things to do, or ways to make this trip cheaper (e.g., discounts on rental cars etc) please let us know. we have been searching the web for good deals, and not really finding the hook-ups that we need...though we did get an amazing deal on our plane tickets.

speaking of which, this is the first time the girls have ever flown on a plane, and i kinda think they are more excited about flying than actually having the holiday.


KamilahNYC said...

Sounds like such a fun vacation. I have a friend in Boston who would be an excellent tourguide, so let me know if you want her name. Otherwise, I am just excited to see you and Lindsay driving a minivan!

Brandon said...

Maine is an awesome place to visit, although I'm not an expert on how to do it on the cheap. As a matter of fact I did a terrible job of doing Maine on the cheap last time I went.

If you're interested in doing some scrambling around on rocks and explore tidepools ect. Portland Head lighthouse was the most accesible place to do this that I found, and it will cost you nothing.

That's the best advice I can offer. Have fun!