Sunday, June 18, 2006

My week in Florida

last week i had the time of my life we went everywhere we went to coco beach,we went to disneyworld and another place i forget,oh yeah the movies. first we went to coco beach,we had a good time,we played in the water we could only stay fo half an hour,because a tropical storm was coming. we went to the movies and saw cars a nice little movie i would say(go see it and take your kids so you don't get bored.) after the movie we went to have dinner at a beautiful place called the golden corral, at that place trouble started. i was in line getting some steamed shrimp makes your mouth water doesn't it yeah when my ex best friend came next to me and said to me as a boy named rayvon walked by paulette you know i go with rayvon people let me tell you i got hotter than a shrimp getting steamed in a pot i was mad because i had and still do have a crush that she used to go with. i started to get jealous so i called in a team of experts to help me break them up. i called in angel my friend our first task was to get him to notice me, that worked out preety well. our second task was to tell rayvon about her previous boyfriends i didn't like that plan so i started to come up with my own second task, and that task was to write a letter to tell him about my crush on him. that worked for a little while. one day on the bus my friend christian wanted to read the letter so i let him. after he read about two words a teacher found it i was so scared she was about to make me read it in front of everyone but she didn't instead she gave it to my science teacher, she read it and then later on that night she knocked on our hotel door. she called all of my roommates out to talk to them i was the last of my roommates she called out to talk to she showed me the letter and she made me cry in the end angel's plan worked rayvon finally noticed me and now he has a crush on me this all works out.well thats all folks until july10 when we meet again i hope were in the same class.

-- paulette (we are waiting for photos to be developed, but will add some soon...


KamilahNYC said...

Paulette -
It sounds like you had a great time! Must be nice to get to vacation in Florida...:)

Manfoom said...

"we went to have dinner at a beautiful place called the golden corral"

Especially in contrast to Disneyworld.

I wish I got to go to Golden Corral and Disneyworld.