Saturday, September 23, 2006

what a day

i have been up for way too long. so much has happened in the last 18 hours it is uncanny. i feel like the baton has been passed to mark and bobbie. it is really amazing. i have to say that i am really really impressed by the way paulette is handling all of this. she is polite and outwardly focused. she is fulfilling the role of a big sister in a really heartfelt and tender way. tonight was her turn to pray. she rendered the sweetest, thoughtful, selfless prayer i have ever heard. i tear up just thinking about it. mostly that jen would know that mark and bobbie love her and that we all love her, and that she is never alone and that we are always here for her. she was grateful to get to know them better and hopeful that someday soon she could have her day like this. i give a hearty amen to all that she said, it was incredibly beautiful.

today has been a rollercoaster of nerves, tears, and happiness. the more i get to know mark and bobbie the more perfect they become. i just can't believe that we all found each other.

mark and bobbie arrived at 7:am. we ate at eastern market and went through "the binder". later in the day we went to the school for songfest (which was awesome, and became the third thing of the day that made me cry). it was so clear that all of her classmates and teachers will miss jen! which made me miss jen too.

jen saying goodbye to her principal and teacher

saying goodbye to friends

sisters and a principal

leaving sarah's on our way to hopkins (the old homestead)

saying good-bye to hopkins and louis
louis has always been an awesome friend to this family

then we all went to dinner and toured around dc
my "say i love bush" caused quite a guffaw from bobbie

by the time we got home everyone was exhausted
i took a bath and missed the "slumber party in lindsay's bed" memo
they slept like this all night


Anonymous said...

hey you guys look like you had a lot of fun

raisingdc said...

this was not as comfortable as it looks lol