Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ode in D

yesterday was our dear fRauntie (fRaunt is to a aunt what a fRamily is to a family) dianna's birthday. we intended to get the ode out then, but had too many mishaps and breakdowns to get to our computers. but better late than never. here is a quick tribute to fRaunt D!

not long ago our brave, dependible (though not always timely), beloved D left the fRamily for this man.

now at face value anyone would say...NOT WORTH IT. but this man is d's translator while she is on assignment in baghdad for NPR.

d is the source of most of the sanity that remains in this humble abode of ours. and when the sanity seems lost forever, d always knows where to find it (bike rides, hair cuts, rummikube, lightheartedness, perspective, grace).

we are very proud of the work she is doing. blessed to have such a wonderful, compassionate, sunshinny friend. we love you heaps and miss you too much.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY-- webdings for

HAPPY BIRTHDAY --(this is the georgia font)

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chartie said...

Haooy Birthday, D! I had no idea she was in Iraq. I'm way out of it!