Friday, September 01, 2006

meeting with school

this morning lindsay and i had a 7:am meeting with the school regarding paulette. 7:am in the midst of ernesto was a bit rough, but the meeting was helpful. it was clear that the teachers did not understand the situation and the reason the girls were with us. it was also nice to be validated that many of the concerns we have for paulette are shared by the school.

we are excited because the school is going to make some changes in seating and such to facilitate paulette making some positive friends. additionally she is going to be added to the soccer teams roster. i can think of nothing better for these girls than a team sport. so i am excited for paulette.

later today we have a meeting with a lawyer that we think we may be retaining. we clearly need a lawyer. we are nervous about the financial ramifications of retaining a lawyer, but see no way to negotiate all these complicated legal questions without one.

the girls will be with our friend McArthur for the weekend, which will be a wonderful break for us. we are all super exhausted. none of us have been sleeping. due to either behaviour that requires a late night intervention, late night conversations, or just the sleeplessness that comes from stress and worry. i am hoping that this labor day and i can do no labor and recuperate.

the girls are finding real solace in their spirituality lately and it is really a beautiful thing to watch develop. they know big changes are ahead. i am sure that they are being prepared. we, the grown ups, are not really sure how this is going to end. it does seem like we are beginning to get a better picture of what might be needed. i am sure this will be difficult and heartrending. but i am also sure that in the end it will be worth it.

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