Tuesday, September 12, 2006

oops we spoke too soon

this maybe should be called "hell no they can't go"or even "so much for jesus"

earlier today lindsay posted our amazing experience with the girls mom. well, that has all been changed. after thinking about it and confering with her husband (who lives in a seperate nursing home across town with severe mental and emotional handicaps) they decided that the girls were not allowed to go on vacation to utah (where did they get this idea??!!!).

the girls are missing. i left work in a rush to get home so that someone would be here when they got home. they have been out of school for 1hour and 25 minutes now. i guess i won't make it to frisbee practice afterall.

we have had a feeling that this was going to get ugly at some point. i keep waiting for it to strike. maybe it is right now? who knows. i am nervous and tired.

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