Tuesday, September 19, 2006

sometimes dreams do come true

Dreams do come true. In this case, this is so out there that I don't think Jen's wildest dreams looked like this. But it does seem like an answered prayer (most probably the answer to many many prayers.)

jen's clothes laid out the night before meeting mark and bobbie.
please note the readiness of those rykas

driving to mark and bobbie's
she was talking 100 miles a minute
giggling the whole way

The trip went exceedingly well. This family is so perfect for Jen it is crazy. It is really unbelievable. (I am starting to wonder if this type of desperation is needed to find a husband.) They are perfect in ways that we would have never even considered as necessary. Their manner, priorities, attitude fit her needs and wants so perfectly. Jen was shy at first, but even in her shiest moments it was clear that she had decided that this was what she wanted. Before we left Jen with Mark and Bobbie the four of us explained to Jen that this was her decision to make. She had choice and voice to decide if she wanted to live in Arizona, with Mark and Bobbie and the rest of their clan. That if she didn’t want to do this she could tell us and we would call it quits. Her response: “i would never do that!” My guess is that she decided to live there when she read the letter they wrote to her.

checking out the toys in the back yard

bonding with bobbie

She spent the weekend with them. She rode bikes, feed horses and goats, road quads (4-wheeled motorcycles), stayed up late with Alena (the 12 year old sister talking about silly stuff), played x-box, had sodas and hamburgers. She was loving her life.

We went over for a BBQ with all the kids and the grandparents. It was so fun and amazing. This family is so full of love and support, but so normal all the same. The grandparents are incredibly kind and welcoming (and clearly proud of the children they raised). There is a keen focus on family and a real value in spending time with each other.

jen and brother ty

the happy family

Jen took us on harrowing quad rides (I thought I might die…she told me it was only far because she has had to drive with me for years – true). I think she really enjoyed introducing us into this new world. Stay tuned for those photos.

We saw Jen again at church on Sunday. I think that was much trickier for her. She was straddling two worlds and not sure where her allegiance was. Who was “mom”, who was friend? It was understandably confusing. It was also the Primary Program Sunday when all of the children from the congregation sing and present little speeches for the worship service. There were about 100 children (where is in our congregation there are typically about 6). Most of the 100 had memorized their talks and knew the songs. Which is quit different from our congregation on capital hill. I think she might have been intimidated and the situation was confusing.

But all that cleared up when she came to where we were staying to get dropped off to come to the airport. She was kinda disheveled and resistant to going, and clearly excited to know that she would be coming back “home” so soon.

The plan is now that Mark and Bobbie will come to DC on Friday. They will stay for the weekend and then return to Arizona with Jennifer on Sunday. This is all contingent on us getting the legal stuff worked out. Our lovely lawyer is working to expedite all of the document signing and making sure that we comply with AZ law.

So please keep your fingers crossed or your prayers coming (or both) whatever suits you best. We need all the divine help and luck we can get.

bobbie and jen riding off into the sunset
(actually to go feed some goats and horses and then a minor crash
jen's not a strong cyclist . . . yet)


Mandy said...

i am so excited for you guys!! yay, jen. yay mark and bobbie! YAY kimberly and lindsay!!!!

acl said...

Thanks for the update - I'm really happy that this is working out and Jen seems really happy. Miss you guys!

Katie and Scotty said...

I read this at work and had to hold back the tears. I am SO excited and happy for Jen. What an amazing miracle. I pray that we can find the same for Paulette. I am really going to miss Jen!!

princess m said...

hey i really loved the story i really hope that you can find a home for paulette i'm really going to miss jennifer!!