Friday, September 15, 2006

arrival in the arid-zone

we miraculously made it to arizona. every step of the way felt like we wouldn't make it. the 30 minute trip to the airport took 1.5hours (weird traffic and some weather). we were able to check the bags curbside, park the car, get our boarding passes, get through security and a turkey sandwich for jen all within 15 minutes.
making it to the gate, sandwich in hand

(we forgot to get food for me and lindsay which meant a little bit of grumpiness until the delta snacks came around). then the ground crew was having some significant understaffing issues and we were delayed for about 40 minutes. then they announced the time we would arrive in atlanta we realized we had 15 minutes to get to our next flight (and don't forget we are hungry). that flight was delayed (i have never been more pleased to have a flight delayed). and we made it. a bit travel worn and exhausted.

tomorrrow is the big day. jen is excited. i don't think that she had much of an idea of what arizona was until we showed her some photos in the in-flight magazine. we talked about how hot and dry arizona was, which precipitated the "i am hot", "my lips are so chapped", "it is so dry", "there is no water here" mantra as we arrived into sky harbor and all the way to gilbert. hopefully she will aclimate.

jen on the phone with bobbie as we land in atlanta

she is super excited about tomorrow. a friend at school asked her if she was coming back today. jen told her she didn't know, but she didn't want to return. i think jen was pleased that her friend told her she had to come back.

i keep thinking about what a gianormous change this is/will be for her. i really can't even imagine what she is going through. it seems not to really be affecting her. she is clearly ready for a big change. she wants a fresh new start. and she wants to be in a place where it is more "normal" to be mormon. she really wants brothers and sisters who she can take care of. and she really wants to be able to call her female caretaker mommy and to have a daddy in the house too. i really really really hope this is the answer that it seems like it might be.

so here is to tomorrow.


deidra zoe said...

What an exciting/ scary/ joyful/ nerve-wracking/ hopeful time for you all! I can't even imagine all the emotions that must be running through you simultaneously!

You are in the prayers at the Hartwell home. We know the Lord will bless each one of you!

alena said...

Hope it all goes well! I love arizona! Good luck. Hope life starts to mellow out soon.