Wednesday, September 13, 2006

girls were found

and not long after i posted...

i had a pretty intense conversation with the girl's principal this afternoon. she called to tell me that she (and others at the school) were VERY concerned that we were splitting the girls up. she said it just seemed really sad that the girls would have to be split us just because a proper family willing to take them both hadn't been found on our time frame. i explained the reasons for the girls being split and she wouldn't really listen. she made me feel like a colonial oppressor. she explained that the office manager at the school is willing to take the girls and adopt them. i was surprised and grateful for the amazing level of kindness and openness but explained there is one non-negotiable criteria -- that the family be mormon. this is not a criterion made up by Kimberly and lindsay but by all 5 of the people most intimately involved (mom, girls, guardians)

i then explained again how it is clear that the girls being separated is the best thing. it is heartbreaking in some regards, but i am over that. both girls are excited (though rightfully sad at times) and it is clear that they want a fresh start. they are viewing this like they are going to different boarding schools. they will remain, of course, sisters. and the family in AZ taking jen is completely supportive of the girls maintaining a relationship. but this is about them getting over the years of abuse and neglect they have suffered. she would have none of it. it was frustrating to say the least.

then i needed to talked to her about the afterschool program that the girls were in last year. this year they are not allowing paulette to be there because she is not struggling academically. so paulette is done with school at 5 and jen is done at 6. it makes afterschool and having a full time job impossible. we need them done at the same time. so the principal explained that they would both NOT be able to participate. so...i rushed home to great them at 5:20...they didn't get home until about 6:45 because jen stayed in the after school program and paulette waited. then they made their daily stop at "the sev" for fire hot cheetos, which is horrible, but i always soften because they share them with me and they are totally delicious. so...they hadn't run away or gotten into too much mischief. but i was fuming mad at that principal.

i am sure she just forgot the conversation was not a smooth one. but it was just kinda frustrating (to say the least)

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Holly said...

Luckily the principal doesn't have any right to decide where the girls go. How presumptuous of her to adivse you in this regard. To borrow a phrase, why don't you tell her to "step off?"