Tuesday, September 26, 2006

half time

our friend tomicah (a fRuncle) said that jen's leaving was kinda like halftime in a really really important game and that we were winning. it makes really good sense.

paulette has been so sweet and fun the last 24 hours, and that has made all of this a million times easier. i have been weepy and lindsay has been grumpy. so thank goodness paulette is holding the fRamily together.

yesterday was a disaster. i got really stressful news at work, a couple of times. bobbie called in a full panic because the az attorney we were about to retain called her and hassled her point of tears. they indicated that she had jen illegally and that she could be charged with kidnapping. That bobbie and mark needed to get in the office straightaway.

I am miffed for a number of reasons. Nonetheleast of which is that bobbie and mark are not their clients we are and they only even know their contact info because they asked us to send all of that info to them so that they could get a form prepared, only to send a template of a form. I was steaming mad! they were fired.

i talked bobbie down from that panic and indicated that all the forms we had were totally right and that those lawyers were fired and that we would be finding a new lawyer to help etc.

then i got an email from blair (the girls therapist) tell us that paulette was "not at school today". lindsay had taken her to school and watched her go into the building. there was a flurry of activity only to learn that she was out getting her eyes checked...arg.

it was seriously so up and down and stressful.

we had decided that we were all going to change paulette's room around, but screwed that up and just did it in a hurray without paulette (which i regret). but her new room is much nicer and seems about 100x's bigger.

introduction to the new room

sweet pose

we did talk a lot about jen. telling funny jennifer stories and laughing at jennifer antics. she is really missed.

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Anonymous said...

Paulette, you match the monchromatic decor scheme of your room beautifully. I'm glad you have more space now to perfect some dance routines. Can you do something to "The Golden Plates" for when I get back? Love you, girl. --Dianna