Sunday, September 24, 2006

she's gone

jennifer left today.

it was an emotional day. selfishly it was sad. it also felt like we were watching the Lord part the red sea. such an incredible miracle. and then there is this anticipation about who jennifer is going to become. she is really so in love with mark and bobbie (though it is clear she will be a daddy's girl).

lindsay and i woke up early to get jen packed while the girls slept. i was making too much noise sneaking stuff out of their room that eventally jen woke up.

my bags are packed...i am leaving on a jetplane, don't know when i'll be back again

jen wrote very sweet notes to us saying thanks for all that we had done for her and for letting her stay with us. and telling us she loved us. they were really sweet and i think i cried about 5 times before i even left for church. she was not really letting herself cry, but once when i was crying she asked me why and i told her because she was leaving and i was going to miss her. she teared up then, but really didn't let herself cry the whole day.

getting ready for church
how cute are these girls
please note paulette's nails...

i am lucky because i will get to see jen over the holidays and any other time i go home. which is super awesome for me. m&b are going to post photos and little stories on the blog. so i think raisingdc will be a way for the 4 of us to keep in touch with each other. and probably not all that interesting for everyone else.

at church mark was asked to give a short talk. it was so touching to hear this big tough looking guy explain his love for his kids and his gratitude for jen. he talked about how he never imagined that he would have 7 kids, that he didn't think he could do something like that. "but the more kids i have, the happier i am".

cuddles and kisses on the sofa

the fRamily on the way to airport

jen as a blowfish at the airport

one the way to the gate

jen leading the pack

the happy family

fighting back tears

really fighting them back.
they are so dang cute

her last farwell

there is no such place as far away. we will miss jen, but she is part of us and we are part of her. we are excited to see what these girls become.

we love you jennifer! we miss you lots. (paulette is sleeping in your bed tonight.)
your fRamily

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