Friday, January 19, 2007

a quick letter to paulette

this is the last letter we will send to paulette before we tell her what her future will hold. we are both super stressed out. so much about this just is really really crazy. we feel bad putting this much pressure on paulette, we feel bad that there is this much pressure on the prospective family. and we are so afraid of what might happen. both lindsay and i have been sick the last couple of days and i am pretty sure it is stress and anxiety (or maybe the norwalk virus. so, hopefully something wonderful will happen. we went from baited breathe to not breathing.

you usually can only get one letter out to a young walker per week. they are making a special exception so that we can get this message to her.

Dear Paulette,
We just heard a great report from Stephanie. Sounds like you are doing well, and growing closer to your creator. People are making decisions about you right now that will affect the course of your life. Please fast and pray, and explain to Heavenly Father what you want. We know Heavenly Father loves you. In the time you have lived with us, we have seen His hand do miracles. He wants you to be happy, and He will answer your prayer. We love you.
Kimberly & Lindsay
i am pinging with jennifer. she is about as cute as they get. she gives me hope and so much joy. i hope that the same thing happens with paulette.

jennifer just wrote this to me. we were saying goodbye and her sister alaina asked me what bisous was, so i explained...this is seriously a tearjerker night.

yeah i knew that because you will always say that when i was living with you and that was a lot of fun living with you and limbo i loved that a lot and thanks 4 taking me in when my real mom coudent take care of me the right way that she was suppose to i wish that this never happened to my mom and my dad to because i really miss them both the next time you and limbo see her tell her that i love her and that i will always be her little baby girl and i miss how me you limbo and paulette would play rummiekub that was so much fun but some of the kids dont understand it very well

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