Monday, January 22, 2007

arizona: the new dc

God has parted the red sea once again. this experience has been one heck of a spiritual experience; so much is difficult to record in this forum. we will do our best to keep sacred, sacred and private, private.

as the nurse at anasazi admitted paulette and gave the weight okay, she also felt compelled that there was more she could give paulette. paulette is a compelling personality, a joy to be around, and her story is tragic. these factors have led many to be interested in rescuing and helping this little girl. she kinda tried to brush it off, but that evening she shared paulette's story with her husband. he too felt like they had something to offer her; they could help. they both felt like paulette needed a family. one like theirs.

this is their story. i am going to leave it for them to tell, if they so desire. suffice it to say that last night they called to tell us that "paulette has a family." lindsay and i burst into tears of joy, that frankly haven't stopped. we can't believe it. but it is true.

a weight has been lifted. as our friend michelle told us: "you're done". there are not words in my language to describe how i feel or how i have felt. joy that does not begin to be able to be measured. i keep thinking about something c.s. lewis wrote in surprised by joy: "the pain then is part of the joy now, and the joy now is part of the pain then."

we so desperately wanted a happy ending to this story. and though the story is far from over, this crucial, pivotal chapter is and it feels wonderful. i try not to be overtly spiritual on this blog, but i just want to say, that this is nothing short of a miracle. that His hand made all of this happen. 4 years + ago lindsay and i were asked to be their mother's "visiting teachers" (a responsibility to ensure for her spiritual and temporal welfare). at that first encounter we both, without telling each other, felt like the girls were the real reason we had the calling. mom just didn't have much hope. but the girls were both so bright and promising. we had to do something.

it is like getting the star of david to shine the night Jesus is born. this stuff was set in motion so so long ago. and through much trial, error, longsuffering, patience, impatience, hand wringing, air punching, kneeling, begging, and an enormous increase in faith and knowledge about the nature of God, He made this miracle. probably so we could all know that He loves each one of us, and knows us as individuals. and that He has a plan for us. a precise, accurate, thorough plan that, in the end, if we trust will bring us joy.

lindsay woke up singing this song: fairytales can come true, they can happen to you. its true.


chartie said...

I am sure there are many people across the world praying for Paulette, as we have been doing (and will continue to do). It's wonderful to see the hand of the Lord and the miracles that He can perform. Congratulations!

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McDonald Family said...

What wonderful news!!! I am so happy for Paulette.


Snowbunny said...

Seriously need to stop reading the blog at work... because then I cry, something I try not to do at work.


What Else? said...

wow. i can't believe all that has happened. you are all in my thoughts.

mimi said...

wow. god lives.

aporitic said...

Hey, I just heard about this.

Great News!