Thursday, January 25, 2007

paulette's response to us

Dear Kimberly and lindsay.

How are you? What are you doing?

I just got through talking to [my shadow] and reading my letter. I was really shocked when I read that I'm going to get adopted by the Anasazi nurse (Nurse Debbie). I really do think that she is the perfect mother for me. After reading the letters that her and her husband dave sent i decided that i am going to pray to see if she and dave really are the perfect family for me to live with.

[My shadow] told me to read the letter in front of him. I couldn't even finish your letter. i cried so so hard. After reading your letter i immediately went back up to the group to tell the other girls I had to have another young walker read the letter aloud to everyone who was there. i was really blown away. one of my trail walkers started to cry. i really now do believe in the power of fasting. Two days before i found out I fasted that I would find a family and then BAM it happened. I really do appreciate fasting.

It brought great joy to my heart to know that you guys were working hard to find a family for me and that hard work paid off.

you don't know how much crying I'm going to do at family camp next week.

i have tons of questions to ask about the school I'm going to and whats going to happen when I'm done with the school.

please write down all the information about the school and then give it to me at family camp.

love always,

paulette mason

(there are lots of hearts all over this letter)

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