Tuesday, January 23, 2007

in answer to your questions

i keep getting emails with all these questions...hopefully this will help.

here is what follows:

lindsay and i leave on friday to go to AZ. we will have family camp starting monday. please note the weather: the nights will be brutal. i hate the cold! if paulette decides to become part of the nurse's family, mom and dad will join us on the trail for family camp. part of family camp will just be the fRamily, the nurse mom and dad will come and we will all camp together, then we will leave and paulette will have some time alone with her new parents. the whole thing is like 3-4 days.

then we will all go to dinner, hang out with jen, etc. on sunday we will go to Salt Lake City.

you may wonder why Salt Lake City? paulette is going to go to the westridge academy for about 18 months. it will piggy-back on the progress she has made at anasazi. it will provide time for paulette to get some help and a bridge for the new family. we don't know how long she will be there, but as soon as she is ready she will move back home to arizona and live with her new family.

the westridge academy has a school that is well regarded and a program that appears to have great success. she will wear a uniform all the time, which she won't love. but we all feel like this is an answer to prayer.

can you even beleive this? i wanted so desperately for a nice pretty bow to go around this experience, and it did! i am astounded and thankful!!!!!!!!! the truth is, there aren't the right words for these emotions.

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