Sunday, October 22, 2006

Wax on--Wax off !!

I was waxing my oldest daughter (just older than Jen) and Jennifer thought it would be fun to try.And since she had some crazy weird eyebrows that were going in every direction,I agreed.Of course the first thing out of her mouth when I pulled off the first strip was "you tryin' to kill me girl?" And since she was already dying, we did her upper lip too.When we were done,she looked better and realized that just because somebody is doing something that looks fun,it might not be a good choice :) But since Alaina pulled out the camera and took pictures of the torture,I had to share it with the world....enjoy!!


Anonymous said...

count your blessing jennifer, my mom didn't show me wax until I was 16, and you are 9 right? maybe young, but you will get a good headstart.

Katie and Scotty said...

I feel your pain, Jen! It's not fun to wax. Oh, what we women do to ourselves...! :)

diannadouglas said...

It's Dianna. I think you should look into threading instead of waxing. It's less painful, invasive, and toxic. Unlike waxing, they never reuse the threads... and it's cheap.
PS. I think you're gorgeous, furry or not.