Thursday, October 05, 2006

The LONG break

Jen was happy to discover that after 4 days of her new school that there was break for 2 1/2 weeks! But that left 2 1/2 weeks of entertaining 7 kids! We have (so far) gone to the movies(to see open season),baked cupcakes,made jewelry,played made-up games,jumped on the trampoline,played video games,done art projects,gone shopping,e-mailed people,wrestled...and that covered the first 4 days :) But with this many great minds,somebody is always coming up with something interesting,so I've only heard "I'm bored" about 5 times. And the last week of break will be used to care for one of Jen's new little brothers who is having surgery.Jennifer is SO awesome with the younger kids and loves to help especially when they get hurt,so she will be a big help .After all,she is the 2nd oldest out of 7,so she is handed alot of responsibilty and she does very well at accepting it (for the most part,she IS 11) But along with this she is enjoying learning how to do new chores (I think her fave was mopping,I've never heard so much on one subject:)
I do have to say that she is missing alot of people and that's where some e-mails and phone calls have helped.So if anyone would like to have e-mails from her,let one of us know your e-mail address.This seems to be her new passion when she gets bored,she likes to read old e-mails since she doesn't have many new ones to look at.
But when asked by new people if she likes it here,she says she loves it and never wants to leave! Even though every e-mail that she sends she has to include how very weird her new family is,she keeps reassuring us that is a good thing.
To help with some pleading we have received,I will try to post more pics and be more regular on the blogs,things have just been a little crazier than usual around here.But now that I've put it in print,I have to follow through!


princess paulette said...

hey you guys are sooo cute jen you look like you are having soo much fun bobbie and mark good luck with the long break.

love ya lots!! :)

Katie and Scotty said...

I would love to keep in touch with Jen over email! My email is Tell her hi from Scotty and Katie!