Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Mathematics of parenthood

i want to be up front and say: i don't know what i am talking about.

it turns out that there is all this math required to raise children. no one ever tells you and you have to come up with all the theorems yourself.

it is a blend: calculus and algebra maybe even trigonometry required to perform in order to parent.

there are simple equations:
(s!/S) G = # of fights it takes to get someone to bed

s=amount of sleep last night
S= average amount of sleep for a night over one week
G= sugar intake levels within the last 3 hours

there are tougher ones like:
(a + S) (-+ @)= the right approach to discipline + knowledge about when it is time to just let some things slide.

S= average amount of sleep for a night over one week
-= experience of past
= amount of contact with family members

it gets even crazier, but i can't figure out the square root thing or how to do superscript for the exponential equations or i would share more equations. suffice it to say, it takes a heck of alot of math. and sometimes even though you get all the calculus right...this happens:

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