Friday, October 13, 2006


our dear little paulette is super trunkie. trunkie is that feeling you get when you are almost done with a place. you pack your bags and you are supposed to be closing stuff out and doing last horrahs, but all you can think about is what you are doing next. that is our little paulette.

she is totally checked out of school. she loves her school and thinks it is the best in the world (which it may well be) but she does NOT want to be going to school there any more. her sister goes to a school that is enjoying a 2 week hiatus (due to year round school) and she doesn't have to wear uniforms. and all the other awesomeness of starting a new life. she is definitely ready to start a new life.

she is as cute as can be at home. she still is not a big fan of chores, but who is? she is charming and funny. and she has found her first true love: violin. she is clearly musically inclined.

any words of advise for paulette or us around how to keep focused when the length of your lame-duck status is not really defined is appreciated.

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