Thursday, October 05, 2006

The "new family" party

We had a party on Sunday so Jennifer could meet (most of ) the family/friends.We only had about 30 people here 'cuz about 1/2 couldn't come.She had a ball with the cousins and the sweet babies,wish I had taken more pictures,sorry.She fit right in and,of course,everybody thought she was awesome!! And,like usual,she wanted everybody to watch the video of her and Paulette.I don't think she'll ever watch it too many times.
And a side note to respond to the last matter how much sleep or experience you have,the kids will always find a way to get more sugar,stay up a few minutes later and trick you into letting things slide.And if all else fails,they use "the face"!

-- bobbie

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princess paulette said...

hey you guys look like you are having tons of fun! keep us all posted tell everyone i said hello.