Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Rocky Mountain Climb x2

On Wednesday around noon Kimberly, Jennifer, Lindsay, and myself went on the most amazing hike I had ever been on. We climbed two of the most mammoth and hardest mountains in all of Acadia Park. We climbed Door Mountain, and Cadilac Mountain (Hello!! Can you say major hurting legs and booty’s!!)

"Major hurting legs! And bootys!"

The first mountain we climbed was door mountain. The first mountain was pretty good, there was a lot of climbing stairs. After climbing about 500 stairs we started to climb down for about 3 minutes. (THAT WAS HEAVEN!!!!) then back to the uphill we stopped a few times to get something to eat or drink.

We stopped one time because we saw a rock stream. we decided to get water because we were pretty low. Jennifer was scared because in order to get over to the rock stream you had to get over a big gap. Kimberly decided to go first to show Jennifer that it wasn’t hard. It was pretty funny because her words didn’t back her up. kimberly jumped over the gap and made it, took a sip of water and tried to come back without falling. she almost made it, but not quite. the minute she hopped off of the ledge she landed and slipped(OUCH!!!!) we wanted to ask if she was ok, but we couldn’t beat our laughs.

After that happened we continued on our quest to victory. After about one hour and thirty minutes of climbing and stopping and whining we finally reached the top.

I was so realived that we had reached the top of one mountain, when I heard that we had another mountain to climb that was taller than the one we had just finished I wanted to cry and scream like a two year old.

I told kimberly that I was tired and that I was hungry and that my legs were hurting. Well she didn’t care. she said that the only way to get back down was to go the same way that we came. of course she won the battle because I didn’t want to go back down by myself, so we ended up climbing the 2nd mountain.

to climb the second mountain, we actually had to scale down the first.
these pictures don't really do the incline justice.

The 2nd mountain was taller but didn’t take as long it only took about 60 minutes (THANK GOODNESS!!!!!) after about 60 minutes of hiking we finally made it to the top of the 2nd mountain.

(note from lindsay: i can't find any pictures of us at the summit of cadillac mountain, but it was kind of a let down anyway, since the summit was swarming with people who had driven to the top. )

we were so tired that we didn’t want to go back down the hiking way--we wanted to catch the bus. We went to a rangers station and found out that we had to hike halfway back down the mountain but on a different trail than what we came up on. The ranger said it would take about an hour--just when I thought that the hiking was over something went BAM!!!!! another hike (by that time I was like HUH!?) we walked forever. I could see and hear the cars on the road a few times but after that nothing, nothing but god’s beautiful creations.
God's Beautiful Creations

After about an hour and 30 MINUTES we made it to the bus stop, met a nice family and drove home, and by "home" I mean the mosquitoes' home.

-- paulette


WashingtonDegn said...

mercy! paulette and jennifer look so unhappy about climbing! i hope paulette is old enough for trek! :)

BB said...

Paulette, this post rocks (no pun intended).

KamilahNYC said...

Wow - what a hike! My legs are burning just reading about it!

KamilahNYC said...

Wow - what a hike! My legs are burning just reading about it!

Brandon said...

nothing like taking it easy after a big hike.