Monday, July 10, 2006

fRamily vacation (installment 3)

after all the fun in bar harbor we drove nervously to to seawall campground...we had heard that they would be full, but decided that we should just try it out...and too our luck there was room.

we knew that we were getting in when we saw this luna moth...

I had never seen one, but the young women of our church had decided that it would be their “bug” during girls camp. I will let paulette explain the miracle of the luna moth…but we saw this moth as an act of God telling us we had come to the right place…

this is the view up from our tent

we stopped to see the seawall

we found sea snails

and kelp.
I nerded out and gave a pretty detailed lesson on marine ecology
and biology (which I actually know little about)

we felt pride in the enormity of our vehicle
(it actually got pretty good gas mileage all things considered)

we got lobster rolls

and hotdogs

we went to experience the rising tide
(it was the first time for the girls)

they kinda freaked out

we went back to our happy A8 campsite (which we determined was the best in all of seawall) and ate a delicious dinner of fried fish and tinfoiled veggies (which we had purchased from the farm that the college of the atlantic runs…delish…

we slept well!

though for some very disappointing reason we never took pictures of our awesome campsite.

so off to bed again, but hopefully i can get day 3 up tomorrow....

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KamilahNYC said...

Aahh...flashbacks of girlscamp...