Sunday, July 02, 2006

questions about how to help

the past month has been a testimony to me (us) of the goodness of the human family. an incredible amount of people have offered to help. and not just offered, but really delivered. from the wonderful douglas family lovingly taking the girls for a month during their summer break (affording lindsay and i the opportunity to work) to the qualters endless charity of taking the girls to theater camp (which deserves its own post) and digging dead squirrels out of gutters, the degns rescuing us from paulette's worst blow out, sonja's thoughtful service, missy's memorial day, sarah and tomicah's ALWAYS being there for all of us, michelle and marc's laid back love that allows the girls to walk across the park and play with the boys whenever they want (or we want them to) and seriously, this list could, and should go on. it has been incredible and so many people have lovingly stepped up to the plate and demanded the opportunity to serve. it is truly awe inspiring.

many, though, who read this blog are not able to perform this type of acts of service and have asked if it was possible to make charitable contribution to the care and well-being of the girls. we have resisted this idea hoping that our work with government agencies, and the generosity of our congregation would carry us through. government entitlements for these girls, though helpful, are meager. and our poor congregation is stretched then as there are many in our ward who suffer from poverty and need. we are always giving out more than is being donated. frankly, i think we are glad that we are helping so many people. but this extra burden may just wear out the coffers.

that said... we trepidatiously explain the following for those interested. the last thing we want is for people to feel obligated, but with as many requests and offers as we have received we have been advised to suggest the following.

if you are interested in donating to the basic needs of the girls (essentially this means food, clothing, medical/dental care, etc.), you can send a check to the Capitol Hill Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This is a tax-deductible contribution. Please write the check to "Capitol Hill Ward" and indicate on the check that the funds are to be used for Paulette and Jennifer. Please send the check to:
LDS Capitol Hill Ward
27 16th st. se
washington, dc 20003
If you would like a receipt for tax purposes, please include your return address. Once the check has been received and processed you will receive a receipt in the mail.

there are some things that are beyond basic needs. our camping trip to maine, for example, the girls haircuts, and random trips to maggie moo's. we do not use contributions from the church toward these ends. if you would like to contribute to these extracurriculars, you can do so through the link on the side bar. this will link you to a paypal account. please note that this is not a tax deductible donation.

again, we thank you all for being interested and sharing your comments with us.

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Sheldon said...

Ted and Elise told my wife and I about your blog and bold adventures in child-rearing. We have been reading through it and are really impressed! as for fighting kids, I have good news - a recent study says that it's GOOD for siblings to fight! CNN article