Sunday, July 16, 2006

penultimate installment of framily vacation frotos.

We may have missed the statute of limitations for posting framily vacation pics, but, if's the final installment of Maine pics:

Jen and Paulette are relative newcomers to the wonderful world of bikes. But that didn't stop them from cruising around Acadia's Carriage Roads. We rented bikes out of a little shop in Southwest Harbor and toodled around for the day. The girls loved it, despite the hills. Riding bikes was--by all accounts--the highlight of the trip.

We rode to a waterfall to refill our water bottles and
ask other cyclists to take too-far-away pictures of us.

Kimberly and Paulette couldn't resist going in.

Paulette, the butterfly whisperer.

About the time that Jen's gears and my brakes went out, we made it to Jordan Pond House, where we talked the wait staff into serving us dinner despite the fact that our wallets were three miles away in our car. (Surprisingly, the "Just charge it to our campsite...." line actually worked.) We went hog wild, ordering lobster rolls, crab cakes, shrimp salads, Jordan Pond House's famous popovers, blueberry crisp and blueberry ice cream. The damages: $100. Pretty much the same as all our other meals (think hot dogs over an open flame) put together.

I'm not sure what the girls enjoyed most: the view, the food, or the "tall and handsome" waiters. (I realize in this picture Jen looks like she's not really enjoying anything. )

That's better. One big happy framily.

Unfortunately, we had such a fun time at dinner that we lost track of time and missed the last bus to our car. Fortunately, a helpful Acadia National Park Volunteer named Thor (truly) gave Kimberly a ride to the Uplander and she came back to pick us up. The girls used the last 30 minutes to ride around the Jordan Pond House parking lot--which they enjoyed as much as the carriage roads, and maybe even more (no hills).

On the way home, we stopped to get our feet wet in the harbor.

Well, Paulette and Jennifer got their feet wet.

Kimberly and I watched from the shore.

Later, we stopped to watch the sun set.

I'm not really sure what the girls are doing in this picture, but they sure look cute doing it.

Back at camp, the lovefest continued with the four of us giggling and girltalking in Paulette and Jennifer's tent until someone who will remain nameless stunk it up so bad we had to call it a night.


Katie and Scotty said...

I love the pictures! What a beautiful place. It looks like you all had a great time! You've convinced me that I need to visit Acadia!

raising dc said...

well then, lets go to acadia...or nova scotia.