Monday, December 04, 2006

weekly letter from paulette #1 -- week 2

this came last friday, but i was lazy. i am not editing at all, but i get it as a pdf and you can't read it if i just upload....sorry for the delay:

Dear Kimberly and Lyndsay
everything at Anasazi has been a blast! the hiking the food (everything has been great except for the lentils.) i think lentils are the most nastiest thing i have ever yet to taste. i am sorry i haven't been writting you i have been really busy lately. in the last letter you asked what wet dog was. Wet dog is simply a combo of Powedered milk, water, tang, baking soda and creamer. (creamer is powered butter and tang is sucgar but flavored.) Thats what wet dog is and the funny thing is it smells like a wet dog. there is also maple dog its the same thing you Just add brown sugar.

we can also make something called ashcakes there really good. yesterdcay i made biscuts and gravy it was really good. you make it by one haveing all the right things. you need flour. water. tang. brosn sugar [there are arrows from the tang and brown sugar pointing to -->] (optional)
chicken bullion bull-yon an an onion fist you mix 1/3 of a cup of flour and like two splashes of water. shril it up so it makes dough. you can add the tang or brown sugar if you want

then you form little circle patties adn put them in the ashes of you fire they don't bubble but, when they look brown you flip them. while those are cooking you make the crazy. you make gravey by putting 1/3 of a cup of water then you add like 4 pimches of flour mix it w/ bullion and let it boil then you take the askcakes or biscuts samething and dunk them well i think thats enough about food i'll tell you the rest next week. well like i said earlier everthing is great. i've realized that i loce being outdoors and i love hiking. i really miss you guys (incl being home in my bed. As soon as i get out of Anasazi I want you to take me to olive garden i hope you know you are supposed to take me out to dinner that thursday i really am enjoying Anasazi bit i can't wait to get out! i have one question how many week am i going to be at anasazi

well that all talk to you later


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