Friday, December 29, 2006

week 6 no letter

no letter again. we have decided to extend paulette for a bit. she seems to be opening up a bit and we hope that by extending her she will start to take advantage of the therapy availible to her at anasazi.

we also have to figure out where she is going to go. we know that she cannot come back to our house. even at anasazi, she requires intense supervision: something we cannot provide. there is a family who is thinking, fasting, and praying about taking paulette. some members feel really good. others are, and rightly so, worried that it will really change the family. undoubtedly, it will. so we are waiting and hoping that they will feel inclined to take her. if they do, we will work at figuring out a way to have her admitted to the westridge academy. this would provide paulette the extensive help that she needs to over come her reactive attachment disorder. it would also provide the family and paulette time to bond and start a relationship. just moving from anasazi to essentially a strangers house seems like it could be setting people up for failure. so we are hoping. we will be talking with the stake president soon to see if the Church can again pay for this expensive theraputic intervention. we are also talking to westridge to see if there are any discounts for people who are destitute. we may have to have a bake sale. but i am pretty sure that if there is real potential for paulette to be healed, there will be a path paved for us to get her what she needs.

unfortunately, if such a path is not paved, we will have to place her in foster care. we are working with lawyers in arizona to figure out if there is a way for her to become part of the arizona foster care system...i have a bike ride to get on. more later

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