Thursday, December 07, 2006

week 3 -- no letter

we didn't get a letter from paulette this week. we were asked by her therapist to be direct about why paulette was in anasazi and why she would be there for 8 weeks rather than 6, which is the norm. so we were. she apparently didn't respond too well.

this is an email from her therapist:

Hello Kimberly & Lindsay,

I had pretty decent visit with Paulette. She was slow to warm up to say the least, but by having other female staff with me seemed to loosen her tongue at least to surface details. While I was sitting by the fire talking to Paulette and another YoungWalker, the other stated that "if you don't talk you can get extended." I think Paulette may have already known that, but her eyes got big and she asked if that were true. It was interesting how her demeanor seemed to change and she was not so bubbly. I do not believe she wrote a letter this week, despite my encouragement.
She said maybe "tomorrow," and she had stated that yesterday. It is possible to send out a letter with the families coming off the trail, but who knows if she knew that or not. If a letter appears I will let you know.

I will call you both tomorrow at Noon EST.

Take care,


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