Monday, November 20, 2006

will it rain on paulette?

this is a question that has been on my mind alot! i have this picture in my head of a rainstorm rolling in and paulette refusing to make her shelter because she is tired. she ends up getting soaked and not sleeping. she curses the rain, and God for sending the rain. all of her stuff is wet and she wants to blame someone but there is no one to blame. maybe she could blame God. she has to hike is wet yucky clothes the next day and carry a heavier pack because it is wet. she gets thirsty and drinks water from a creek that is flowing a bit more robustly. she is grateful for the water. and nature teaches her a leason about the power of her agency. if she would have just done what she knew needed to be done she would be dry. it is her responsibility and she is the only one to blame.

because this has been going through my mind i am perceverating about it raining while paulette is out there. i just spent some time combing the web for some predictions and found out that dec. and jan are the 2nd wettest months of the year (summer monsoon - some of july, all of aug, some sept are the wettest).

she is hiking in the light green part of arizona

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jenn jenn said...

i think that this is awesome i love the erny