Friday, November 17, 2006

Weighing in

Kimberly just posted about all the near misses we've had on our trip to Arizona. Though we finally made it, we're not entirely out of the woods. The last requirement: weight.

In order to participate in Anasazi's program, Paulette needs to be at least 5 feet tall (check--she's 5'1''), and weigh at least 100 pounds. (She's going to carry a 35-pound pack on her back for 8 weeks). Over the last two weeks, we've weighed her at least three times, and found her weight fluctuating between 90 and 95. We rounded up on the application.

In a desperate effort to get her to gain the needed pounds, Kimberly and I have been on a mission to force-feed this girl as many empty calories as we can. It's been a little tricky since she hasn't been staying at our house over the last week, and, therefore, we can't control her diet. We have, however, given it the old Cougar try:
  • Monday. Haagen Dazs (sp?) ice cream + hazelnut white chocolate bar + Five Guys hamburger (two patties) and fries + two scoops Ben & Jerry's Cookies and Cream ice cream in a sugar cone. That was all after lunch, and before dinner. We sent her home with Chubby Hubby Ben and Jerry's with the command to eat it all so we could give her another pint.
  • Tuesday. Clif Bar + Protein Builder's Bar + Luna Bar. In addition to three full meals, of course.
  • Wednesday. Clif Bar + Protein Builder's Bar. Meals counted separate.
  • Thursday. Tuna Sandwich loaded with Mayo + Cream Cheese and Crackers + Pasta dripping in Olive Oil sauce + salad drenched in dressing + Whole Milk Steamer with Toffee flavor + Soda (3) + McFlurry. I regret that we never gave her a Cinnabon, the obvious choice. Too stressful.
  • Friday (today). We have only one meal to work with, since we take her at 8:30 am. Oatmeal + Water. And lots of it.
We report to Anasazi in about 45 minutes. I hope this works....

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