Monday, March 26, 2007

a letter from paulette from westridge

this really made my day. i think it made lindsay's too. it came out of the blue. which made an extra delight. we got home to a fun letter from paulette. she wrote one to us, one to our ward (congregation), and one to amanda (her new sister). so we thought we would post the letter to the ward here.

if anyone would like to write her, please do. i know she would love to hear from you. you can send it to us at and we will make sure she gets your letters.

and now, without further ado, from paulette (grammatical errors included, for effect):

Dear Capitol Hill Ward,

Hello! and how are you? I really miss being in Washington D.C. going to church. Everything at Westrdige is ok. I guess I'm talking to Jacob (my clinician) just a little bit more than any of my other clinicians. Two weeks ago I went on my first weekend with my new dad. It was fun. We went out to eat for every meal, talked aboutour pool and our new jacuzzi. We went driving and by that I mean I drove! That's right I drove. It was way fun. here at Westridge I've made some friends. Well how are things back in D.C.? Do you miss me? I really can't wait to come back to D.C. with my parents so you guys can meet them. there really, really nice. my dad just adores me every time i call home he always wants to talk to me even if I can sometimes only say hi. Well how are the young women deanna, olivia, karis, and the rest of the young women? I really want to be able to talk to you guys on the phone or see you guys.

Katie and Scott. I heard you guys know one of the women who worked at Anasazi. her name is gina, ring a bell? She told me that she grew up with Katie and her cousin. that's pretty cool. She says that our cousin is getting married in a couple of weeks. I think she said that the wedding is going to be in Utah. I'm not quite sure but if it is in Utah you should come visit me and even if it isn't you should visist me anyway that would be way cool.

Well, I hope everything is OK there. Please write back.

Write, or maybe even see and talk to you later.

Paulette (with hearts on either side of her name)


Snowbunny said...

Dear Paulette,

So… Sunday School is just not the same without you! 
You totally would have loved class the other day. We are learning about Matthew and how Jesus taught in parables and everyone though a movie would be a good idea. I found a movie in the library about Matthew and Jesus and put it in the video player. Little did I know that the video was just some guy reading straight from Matthew with pictures of Jesus and the disciples – everyone about fell asleep. (Of course the lights were out!)
After that little experiment with that video I had to go and order some GOOD videos off of the church website. I ordered a video called “Johnny Lingo and the 10 Cow Wife”! You will have to ask your dad about Johnny Lingo – he will totally know what it is! It is the best church video ever.
Well, anyway… we miss you at church, but we know you are totally having an awesome adventure. How’s the weather in Utah anyway?
Take care and be good!
Sister (Amanda) Thorpe
Your favorite Sunday School Teacher EVER!

Katie and Scotty said...

I started crying when I read this letter. I'm So happy for Paulette and she sounds so good!! I wish I was going to Utah so I could visit her. The wedding's in Idaho. I'll write her a letter and send it through you soon. Tell her we love her and miss her!!