Wednesday, August 02, 2006

email from the atl

this is a recent email from paulette. my guess (hope) is that is summerizes their first few days in atlanta. i think i publish this with permission. i asked and she didn't say yes or no. she instead told me about a crush she has developed. i have asked them to take photos. my guess is jennifer, will be our girl for that.

kimberly yesterday i learned how to float. it took me about 10minutes to learn how to float.well today i'm going back to the pool to hang out with everyone and by everyone i mean tohmas, yo, esther, michel,chipand the rest of the crazy gang they really are crazy mostly tom. two days ago we meaning yo,jen and myself were hanging out in thomas's rom playing video games and just chilling oh yeah every night we stay up yill 3am talking giggling and just being kids lol (laugh out loud thats what lol means)
well thats all for right now i'll continue to keep in touch oh yeah everyone says hi.
love, paulette

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Katie and Scotty said...

Cute!! I'm so glad they're having such a good time. What a great opportunity for them. The Douglas family is amazing!