Wednesday, May 31, 2006

welcome to raising dc

On May 1st 2006 the lives of four people, who here will blog, changed dramatically. Jennifer (11 years old) and Paulette (12) came to live with two roommates and policy wonks (on good days) Kimberly and Lindsay. The girls’ mother, Sheila, was taken to the hospital on or near her deathbed.

The stay was supposed to be short, but it looks like our assumptions of timing were way off. Shelia was released from the hospital after 10 days and admitted to a nursing home. On Mother’s Day she announced that she would not give her babies up for adoption, but that she was also never coming home.

It is impossible to capture all that has transpired and all that has been learned in the last month in one posting. So, this is a basic introduction; the back-story will unfold here, along with the daily happenings. All of us are excited to post and share our experiences.

In short, the last month has been a real soul-searcher. We have all learned a lot. Our lives have changed. Jennifer and Paulette were living in some of Washington D.C.’s worst Section 8 housing. Drug and sex deals were exchanged right outside their door. They lived in the heart of the hood. Now they live 8 blocks away in the heart of Capitol Hill. They used to spend all their time taking care of their mom, they now have two moms who try to take care of them (try being the operative word).

Roommates raising children. As one of our friends told us, if it weren't real life, it would be a great sitcom.

--kimberly & lindsay


k8 said...

i, for one, am very excited to hear your stories

Sara Jane Baldwin said...

Add me to the list of what k8 said.

I love the last sentence of this post!

Janna said...

THIS is a blog I'll read. With relish.

Mandy said...

yes! i am looking foward to jennifer and paulette's comments. (and jug's)

chompo said...

I love the hair.

Fred said...

Kimberly and Lindsey, I can think of no greater experience for policy wonks. This is moving and enlightening story. There are many lesson to be learned that can be learned no other way. God Bless you. I will be praying for you. Anything I could do to help let me know.


jenn jenn said...

i think that their hair looks awesome awesomely funny