Sunday, October 08, 2006

Zestfully Clean!

Well this weekend has been full of lemon zest! Our theme as a framily for this weekend is zestfully clean. We are basically redoing the whole house. Yesterday we went to a million stores to go shopping for things that the house needs. We went to The Container Store, Home Depot, IKEA, and I have to say at that store I had lots of fun scanning the prices of things that is were I decided that when I turned 16 my job was going to be to work in a store scanning items i know that i might change my mind but hey cant a girl dream.

we had soo much fun shopping yesterday we shopped for at least 5 hours i know that many hours shopping for household items: see the results

So far we have cleaned out two rooms my room and the upstairs closet my room looks fab well at least my bed does!


my favorite store was IKEA b/c i got to scan items to find the prices i thought that was really fun. i think that i have broken my own record of shopping in more than three stores in one day. when we got home we had to cram all of the things onto the doorstep and we didnt have any room to get through the door. i think that we not only spent a crazy amount of time shopping. thats just if you ask me.

well i think thats all for our little shopping trip but that is not all for our cleaning fiesta or zestfully cleaning.


this is what i look like when i talk to jennifer and eat dinner.

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