Tuesday, September 26, 2006


We had a last minute family home evening which consisted of a short story that I opened up to in the Friend magazine. As I began reading the story,going along with the tradition of crazy,divine coincidences,the story was about our family! It was about a little black girl who was told by a boy at school that she didn't have a real family because she didn't look like them (they were white and had adopted her).The family went on to talk about how a family "matches" because they love each other not because of how they look.All of our kids identified with this story since we have 4 different races of children living here.We went on to play games and watch the video of Jen and Paulette on the blog.It was one of the best FHE's we've had in a long time!


Katie and Scotty said...

Wow! I sure felt the spirit strong when I read that about the FHE. I'm SO happy for Jen. I know she's in the right home! :)

princess paulette said...

hey jen i love the fact that you can make friends with people so quickly well keep us posted