Wednesday, September 27, 2006 a good way

Ty sending her off to school

Today was Jen's first day at her new school.She was scared but survived.She was in a really great mood when she got home and said she made friends. I asked her how it compared to her old school and she said it was VERY different but in a good way.Tonight we went shopping for new clothes which was semi-successful. Her and Alaina tried on about 50 things and walked away with about 6.But they assured me that it was fine because we have 2 weeks of break coming up which gives us plenty of time to shop!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jen! I was happy to read that school was different...but GOOD! I hope you'll post some more details about it. I'm glad you're making friends. Tell us about them! Miss you! Love Cheryl

princess paulette said...

hey jeni loved to hear about your first day at school keep us posted love you lots!!!